Warranty Policy

What is the warranty for Aneros products?

Upon approval from Aneros Support, products can be exchanged for a replacement.
The original product must be returned to Aneros in order for the replacement to be shipped out.
Products with modifications made by the Customer will not carry the Aneros Warranty.

How long is the warranty?

Non-vibrating, non-electrical Aneros products are warrantied for the life of the product.
Vibrating, electrical Aneros products are warrantied for One year from the purchase date.

What warranty claims qualify for approval?

Aneros products are warrantied against all defects.
Defects can be, but are not limited to: broken pieces, scratches, dents, and deterioration.
*The entire device, plus any broken pieces, must be returned together to claim a warranty.

How do I claim a warranty?

To submit a warranty claim, the Customer must email support@aneros.com for a Warranty Approval Form.
Support will provide further instructions after verifying a customer’s product warranty.

What if I purchased my Aneros product from another store?

If obtained from a retail store or online seller, a proof of purchase (e.g. a receipt, invoice, etc.) will need to be provided to Support in order to verify the Aneros product’s warranty.
*Only purchases from the Aneros website or authorized resellers carry a warranty.

Warranty is not honered for purchases from multi-vendor websites such as Amazon, Jet and Ebay. This applies to all websites for these multi vendor market palces in other areas of the world such as Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.ca, etc..)

How do I know if the store I purchased from is an authorized reseller?

Please email support@aneros.com for questions regarding authorized resellers.
*Please be advised, Aneros does not have any authorized resellers on Amazon nor eBay.

What is the warranty for products of another brand that are sold on the Aneros website?

The Aneros Warranty does not cover these products.